Summer Worship and Communion

Beginning on Sunday July 3rd, until Sunday September 4th our worship leader, Marian Channon, and the Deacons will lead “Music and Meditation” services on the theme of “Music and the Saints.”
The services will be offered alternately on Zoom and in-person in the sanctuary, beginning on Zoom on July 3rd at 10 am.

Remaining sanctuary services with Zoom option will be offered on:  August 21st, and September 4th.
Zoom services will be offered on: August 14th, and August 28th.

In-person attendees are encouraged to continue wearing a well-fitting face mask in order to protect our most vulnerable members.

Rev. Liz is away from the church during July and August, as per her Call Agreement with the congregation. However, she will be available for occasional pastoral care and visits at mutually agreed upon times. If you would like to receive communion during the summer months please speak with Rev. Liz. This might be arranged one-on-one or with a small group.

Contact Rev. Liz (pastor@wollastonucc.org) to obtain the Zoom information to attend our services virtually