What to Expect from Worship at Wollaston Congregational Church

We gather for worship each Sunday at 10 am.

At Wollaston Congregational Church we strive to make our worship service invitational. Every aspect of worship is optional and open to anyone who would like to participate, and there are no aspects of our worship service that are restricted for those “in the know.” Members of the congregation are always invited to participate in a number of ways, such as reading the scriptures, sharing their joys and sorrows during prayer times, singing the hymns, and joining in various rituals.

We celebrate communion (the ritual sharing of bread and the cup, ordained by Jesus) on the first Sunday of each month. In addition to this meaningful practice, attendees are often invited to participate in other rituals. A ritual is simply an outward and visible act intended to represent an inward invisible truth. We may come forward to light a candle to represent a prayer, or we may place a stone on the communion table to represent letting go of a burden of guilt. The communion table is always placed at the center of worship, to remind us that we are spiritually fed every time we come to church.

All are welcome to join our community of faith for worship each Sunday at 10 am and for coffee and refreshments in our social hall following the service.  Go up the steps to the sanctuary and enter through the red doors for a warm welcome. If you need to use the ramp, on Lincoln Avenue, let us know so that we can greet you at the door.